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Security is always of a great concern for both organizations and individuals. The concept of biometric measures has been used to identify individuals as long as we have existed and has evolved with time. Behavioral biometrics can be further enhanced with the use of haptic devices. This paper presents a system that uses a haptic device to capture behavioral biometric features. The system then uses a fuzzy logic controller to verify user identification. This study shows that even with a simple interface, effective security could be achieved. Possible applications include online (signature) recognition or access control to highly restricted areas and/or data within an organization.

El Saddik, A.; Orozco, M.; Asfaw, Y.; Shirmohammadi, S.; Adler, A., “A Novel Biometric System for Identification and Verification of Haptic Users,” Instrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Transactions on , vol.56, no.3, pp.895,906, June 2007 – doi: 10.1109/TIM.2006.887174

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