Touchable Avatar

Holograms are the reconstructions of the previously recorded and reproduced scattered lights from real objects. As a result, holograms can be seen without the actual objects being present. There have been many research studies proposing methods to project holograms as a computer output interface. However, the capability of interacting with the actual holographic projection has not been fully developed.

In our “touchable avatar” project, we intend to develop a complete system that can scan real objects/human, reconstruct their three-dimensional (3D) models, reproduce the 3D holographic avatars, and offer contactless haptic feedback to make the avatars “touchable”. Our research will enable realistic interaction with the “touchable avatars” and bring Human-Computer-Interaction (HCI) technologies to a complete new level.


Qi Zhang, Haiwei Dong, and Abdulmotaleb El Saddik,“Magnetic Field Control for Haptic Display: System Design and SimulationIEEE Access V(4), pp:299-311, 2016