Smart Mirror

Mimic a natural mirror interface: A touch based flat monitor is used for the mirror display. A web camera is used to provide real-time feeds of what is located in front of the virtual mirror, thereby mimicking the function of a regular mirror. The live feeds are not stored for privacy reasons. Distinction among different individuals: One of the core values of the system is to provide customized services based on user credentials. Recognizing the user is the first step towards providing such services. A face recognition based mechanism is used to identify users and unlock their personalized profiles to provide access to otherwise restricted options, applications, and appliances. If encountered with an unknown user, the mirror will deny access to personalized services and will only provide standard mirror functions. Customized management of profiles: Users can create their own profiles and store them in the system. According to this profile, customized services are provided to the user. Remote control access to appliances: After the appliances such as lights, medicine cabinet etc. have been added to a user’s profile, their functions become accessible from any terminal, in this case the mirror. All appliances will have standard features such as on and off, as well as customized ones when applicable, such as dimming the lights in different rooms of the house. Personalized information services: Users will have the ability to tap into various XML-based data such as Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds. This will allow them to obtain up-to-the-minute updates and converge on topics of interest, such as public news headlines, weather bulletins, stock reports, consumer news updates on products of interest, etc. Home surveillance: The system provides access to the live feeds from the home security camera installed in strategic locations. This offers the user such conveniences as to be able to check who is at the door while doing another activity. The system is designed using IP cameras that host their feed on a specific IP address, so changing from one feed to another would be very easy.

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